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Luxury Minibus Hire Newcastle
Luxury Minibus Hire

Luxury Minibus Hire Newcastle

Luxury Minibus Hire Newcastle specialise in luxury minibuses, throughout Newcastle and Tyne and Wear. We are a highly-established minibus hire firm and have been operating for over 10 years. Luxury Minibus Hire Newcastle offer an extensive range of luxury minibuses that are available in various seating capacities such as, 8-seater minibuses, 10-seater minibuses, 12-seater minibuses, 14-seater minibuses and 16-seater minibuses. Some of the features and facilities on these minibuses include, tables, cup holders, arm and head rests, leather seats, drinks facilities, mini fridge, wide aisles, privacy glass, entertainment systems, Bluetooth connection, WI-FI Connection, luggage compartments, carpeted floors, air-conditioning, top of the range GPS Systems, plug sockets and PA Systems. All the minibuses are of an outstanding quality and in pristine condition. They are very popular with corporate and business clients, individuals hiring for weddings and other special events, members of the parliament, international delegates and tourists. Some of our customers include ITV, British Airways, Macdonald’s, Tesco, BBC, Sky, Marks and Spencer’s and football clubs such as, Manchester United. Luxury Minibus Hire Newcastle provide only the finest quality vehicles, as well as, an outstanding customer service, in every aspect. This is the reason why Luxury Minibus Hire Newcastle have retained high-end clients and customers from all walks of life, for many years. Most of our long-standing customers have been using our services, exclusively, for many years. The high quality of service that Luxury Minibus Hire Newcastle consistently provide, is simply unrivalled by any other minibus hire company. Luxury Minibus Hire Newcastle are the leading luxury minibus hire providers in the North East of England and our experience and expertise in the private hire travel sector, is second to none.

Luxury Minibus Hire Newcastle assign highly experienced drivers to each minibus, who are professional, friendly and courteous, at all times. They are familiar with catering for special events, as they have carried out numerous journeys over the years. These highly skilled drivers know the most popular routes and destinations and have the ability to anticipate the road ahead. Luxury Minibus Hire Newcastle only hire the most professional and experienced staff, both the drivers and booking staff, as your safety, comfort and confidence in us, as a minibus hire firm, are the number one priorities for Luxury Minibus Hire Newcastle. We are renowned for carrying out each journey with careful precision and planning: making sure that everything runs perfectly for you, on the day of travel. Luxury Minibus Hire Newcastle invest a considerable amount of time with each customer, getting to know them and familiarising ourselves with what your travel preferences are. Subsequently, we plan your full excursion, in great detail, in direct response to what you require: tailor-made to your specific preferences. Our success lies in the fact we treat each customer and their excursion with the utmost importance and we do not leave any detail out, no matter how small. Whatever your travel requirements are, Luxury Minibus Hire Newcastle will go out of our way to accommodate you.

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