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20 Seater Minibus Hire Newcastle
20 Seater Minibus Hire

20 Seater Minibus Hire Newcastle

The 20-seater minibus, or often called a mini-coach, is in extremely high demand in Newcastle, all year round. Newcastle attracts numerous visitors each year, as well as, being home to over 1.6 million residents (including metropolitan areas). Majority of travellers and tourists choose to travel in large groups; hence, the 20-seater is regularly requested. 20-Seater Minibus Hire Newcastle have been catering for these demands for over 10 years and are a highly established private hire company.

20-Seater Minibus Hire Newcastle specialise in providing 20-seater minibuses, with highly skilled drivers, as well as, bespoke travel services. The 20-seater minibuses have been carefully selected by 20-Seater Minibus Hire Newcastle and are of an outstanding quality. They are highly comfortable, relaxing and in mint condition. The 20-seaters are available in both standard and luxury specification and some of the features and facilities on these vehicles include, air-conditioning, wheelchair access (subject to availability), leather seats, tables, luggage compartments, entertainment systems, WI-FI Connection and mood lighting. Majority of our long-term customers have chosen to remain with us because of the superb quality of our minibuses. Some of the most popular journeys booked with 20-Seater Minibus Hire Newcastle include, airport runs, sightseeing tours, evenings dining out, day hires, weekends away, sporting events, corporate meetings, weddings, parties, anniversaries and school and work contracts. 20-Seater Minibus Hire Newcastle assign highly experienced and skilled drivers to each minibus. Each driver is an expert driver and remains professional, friendly and accommodating, at all times. These drivers are familiar with the locality, as well as, having years of experience driving nationally. They have the ability to anticipate the road ahead and select alternative routes, if deemed necessary due to traffic or road blocks. In fact, all staff employed by 20-Seater Minibus Hire Newcastle, whether drivers or office staff, are highly trained in people’s skills and product knowledge: making your booking experience as straightforward and easy as possible for you. Your comfort and confidence in us are of the utmost importance to us, as 20-Seater Minibus Hire Newcastle always want you to feel assured that you are in expert hands, at all times.

One of the main reasons why, 20-Seater Minibus Hire Newcastle have experienced unrivalled success, is due to the excellent customer services that we consistently provide. 20-Seater Minibus Hire Newcastle are not just a private hire transport company that gets you from A to B, but we provide tailor-made travel services that cater for your exact requirements. The number one aim for 20-Seater Minibus Hire Newcastle is that you have a wonderful experience with us, in every aspect and thoroughly enjoy your travel with us. 20-Seater Minibus Hire Newcastle handle every single booking with extreme care, importance and organise each journey in great detail. 20-Seater Minibus Hire Newcastle pre-plan the best and most direct route for your journey, allocate the best times to travel, so that you arrive at your destination in a timely manner and we help you select the right type of minibus suited to your specific journey.

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